Thursday, September 13, 2007

Pawlenty urges helping hand for war vets

Governor Pawlenty, who has been a national leader as Governor on Veterans issues, has announced a series of new initiatives that seek to make Minnesota, "most veteran-friendly state in the nation."

Speaking Tuesday at the fall conference of the Minnesota Association of County Veterans Service Officers at Grand View Lodge, Pawlenty said the military is made up of people who have raised their hand and volunteered for service.

"We would not have the country we have without the brave men and women in the military," he said.

While wearing yellow ribbons and declaring support for the military is admirable, those deeds have to be followed up with action.

"It has to be backed up by deeds that matter," he said.

Giving credit to lawmakers and veterans officials, Pawlenty listed what has been accomplished for veterans in recent years in Minnesota.

• 100 percent tuition reimbursement for National Guard veterans.

• A no-protestors funeral law.

• The Beyond the Yellow Ribbon program for reintegration.

• The Minnesota GI Bill.

• Increased funding for veterans' counseling and veterans' service agencies.

The governor predicted an "up-tick in need and demand" for the veterans service officers' services. (excerpted from article).

Of course, as we all know, Governor Pawlenty is a leader among leaders in terms of our nation's Governor's.

So ultimately Governor Pawlenty's leadership on Veteran's issues will matriculate throughout the other states of the union and Governors, legislators and citizens across the country see the success of Governor Pawlenty's initiatives.

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