Tuesday, October 9, 2007

From One of Our National Correspondents?

One of the most prominent Conservative New Hampshire Political Bloggers at a site called GreenMountainPolitics (click here), posted a piece today entitled, "What The Republican Party Can Learn From Tim Pawlenty"

Here are a few of the best excerpted portions from this piece.

This post is about Governor Pawlenty.

And his terrific "Road-Map Out Of The GOP Message Wilderness" stump speech (our words not his) that he delivered in Fairlee, Vermont last night to New Hampshire and Vermont GOP activists.

But then the Governor moved into the actual meat of his speech. And he stopped sounding like "a lot of politicians".

He began by talking about the massive economic, cultural and technological changes currently sweeping across the globe. He told the audience that "massive change" is both "a little bit scary" and "exciting" at the same time.

Then he told the audience that Americans in general, and the Republican Party in particular, needs to "hold on to what makes us great" while at the same time being flexible enough to "take advantage of new opportunities".

"So what's something that makes us great?" Governor Pawlenty asked the Republican crowd. "We are the Party of fiscal discipline!" he answered himself.

The Governor then proceeded to sort out his 55 vetoes as Governor of Minnesota, including his vetoes of most of Minnesota's major omnibus bills.

Heads started bobbing up and down in the room.

"But the Republican Party needs to have a broader vision than just being accountants for the Democrats," Governor Pawlenty explained.

Our heart fluttered. More than a little bit. (emphasis mine)

The good Governor then launched into a 20 minute discussion on education reform, health care reform and energy reform.

Our favorite quote, on the need for energy reform, "70% of our oil comes from foreign sources and it hooks us to people and places that we shouldn't be hooked to. It is a national security imperative that we move our country away from oil. The public is way ahead of the politicians on this issue."

By God! A Republican who is clearly unwilling to cede the energy issue to the Democrats? Incredible!

And the Republican Party should watch the good Governor closely and learn a thing or two about updating (creating?) their broader message for 2008. And beyond. (emphasis mine)

We're just saying.
Well. . . Hmmmmmm. . . How should we read this Northeasterner's post?

First of all, he is right. We've written about this from the beginning. It is refreshing to have a leader like governor Pawlenty unwilling to cede any issue to the Democrats in this country. Conservatives have answers to health care, education and the environment just like we have answers on taxes, the economy, defense and crime. And on each and everyone of these issues, Governor Pawlenty is leading the way.

Second of all. . . well. . . he is right. Our party should really watch Governor Pawlenty in 2008 and beyond to learn a thing about updating and creating our message.

It is almost as though our new friends at GreenMountainPolitics believe the GOP has become the "Party of Pawlenty."

Pass it on.


Anonymous said...

If he has bought into the Great Global Warming Swindle and is willing to sacrifice our entire economy for a radical environmental program that will do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to solve the global warming "problem," then anything else he does will pale in comparison to this ultimately futile and stupid act.

J. Ewing

GetAclue said...

Pawlenty needs to switch parties, anything but the GOP. He is not a conservative, he will not get the conservative vote. Why vote vote for a pseudo Republican/democrat when a liberal can vote for the real thing? No surprise he supports McLame...
I'm a big supporter of energy conservation, but I do it voluntarily, not at the point of big Government. Pawlenty=Socialist=we all suffer.

Anonymous said...

Excuse, the phrase is removed