Friday, February 22, 2008

The Line: Let's Get Serious About VeepStakes!

Chris Cillizza over at "The Fix" (The Washington Post Political Blog) has an interesting piece on the VeepStakes.

Just as everyone who is looking at McCain's options with any credibility has done, he places Governor Pawlenty high on the list of prospects.

* Tim Pawlenty: The two-term Minnesota governor has to be considered the frontrunner at the moment to be McCain's pick. He hails from the electorally important Midwest, is young enough to balance concerns about McCain's age, and he stuck by the Arizona senator in the darkest days of the campaign. The criticism that Pawlenty is an unknown on the national stage may, in fact, be an argument in his favor -- voters won't bring any preconceived notions about him to the ticket. Never forget that one of the guiding principles in picking a VP is to find someone who is comfortable being seen but not heard. Want more about the man they call "Tpaw"? Make sure to read Jonathan Martin's profile of the man.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, too bad Tim said he'll be serving out his full four-year term as governor. Maybe next time!