Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Great Job Governor Pawlenty

Thank heavens for Governor Pawlenty. Once again, he has provided fiscal discipline when the DFL legislature was totally out of control. His actions to trim the bill from $925 million to $717 million show once again that he has his hand firmly on the reins of government. Great job Governor Pawlenty!

Click here to send an email to Governor Tim Pawlenty to thank him for his line-item vetoes.

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Ryan said...

That is like saying thanks for assaulting me a little. Gov. Pawlenty should have vetoed the whole bill. This state is operating at a deficeit. It is about time that we have some republican leadership that will stand up to democrats and RINOs and say NO, WE ARE CUTTING TAXES. Minnesota and the Twin Cities are and will continue to lose businesses until we cut taxes. When is enough, enough?!!!!!!!!!!