Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Party of Pawlenty blog announces its list of contributors

St. Paul, MN – Today Party of Pawlenty, the latest blog following the career of the Republican Party’s new and dynamic voice, Minnesota’s Governor Tim Pawlenty, announced its initial list of blog contributors.

Corey Miltimore—Corey is a longtime activist and political operative in Minnesota. He served as the Executive Director for the Republican Party of Minnesota for four years, and has been a major player in moving Minnesota from solid blue to deep purple. In 2002, Corey lead the state GOP as its Executive Director as the party secured its largest majority in the state house in recent memory, and won the Governorship, the US Senate seat and elections up and down the ballot.

Michael Brodkorb—Michael, also known as MDE (Minnesota Democrats Exposed), has risen to be one of Minnesota’s most prominent and well recognized Republican and Conservative bloggers. Prior to leading the blogosphere, Brodkorb was the Research Director for the Republican Party of Minnesota, and he has served on multiple Republican campaigns and causes over the course of the last two decades.

Eric Hoplin—Eric was most recently the Deputy Chair of the Republican Party of Minnesota. Hoplin previously served as chairman of the College Republican National Committee and presided over the largest expansion in the group’s 113 year history. He is a member of the Reagan Ranch Board of Governors and serves as vice-chairman of the International Young Democrat Union (an international coalition of young center/right party leaders).

Jonathan Blake—Jonathan is a communications and public policy consultant in the Twin Cities. Prior to his consulting career, Blake worked in several roles at the Republican Party of Minnesota, including Finance Director and grassroots organizer. He is a longtime conservative activist and volunteer.

Chris Tiedeman—Chris is a Minnesota attorney and political and public affairs consultant in St. Paul. He has been a long time conservative activist and Republican Party leader, working and consulting on campaigns in Minnesota, New Jersey, Texas and Oregon.

Also, many thanks to Derek Brigham of for his help with the design and layout of Derek is quickly becoming one of the prominent graphic designers within the Conservative Movement.

“Some say great leaders are defined by their time; by a particular moment in history. Others say great leaders transcend their time. Tim Pawlenty does both,” said one of the blog’s authors, Chris Tiedeman.

“We encourage readers to visit often to learn more about one of the conservative movement and Republican Party’s most significant new voices,” Tiedeman concluded.



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