Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Pawlenty revs up his peers on energy

As we have discussed almost ad naseum, Governor Pawlenty has now taken the reigns as the Chairman of the National Governor's Association.

From a right-wing conservative's perspective (mine), it couldn't have gone better. From the perspective of fellow Governors (right and left), well. . . they agree with me/us on this one.

Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue, head of the Republican Governors Association, said that Pawlenty "exudes trust, and that's the most valuable commodity you can have in this business." When Pawlenty talks, he said, "I stop and listen." (excerpt from Trib Story)
"Gov. Pawlenty is one of the most thoughtful, introspective of all our governors," said Democratic Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell, the group's new vice chairman. "Among all our governors, no one looks to the future more than Tim Pawlenty." (excerpt from Trib Story)
And let none of us forget that Governor Pawlenty started his tenure pushing for the "Americanization" of energy.

Some will say this is a push to avert global climate change, and you know what, if we are all conscientious of that, we are all the better.

But Governor Pawlenty showed just one of the reasons why he is now the voice and face of the GOP and the Conservative movement when he talked about energy security and how it is truly a national security issue in a post 9/11 world.

TRAVERSE CITY, MICH. - With the nation's governors assembled before him, Gov. Tim Pawlenty said on Monday that the United States can no longer rely on "unstable and unfriendly" foreign sources for its growing energy needs and called for an "Americanization" of energy.

By 2030, Pawlenty said, the United States also will be responsible for producing 20 percent of the world's carbon emissions, outpaced only by China.

"If we continue," he said, "we will risk the nation's security posture, its prosperity and quality of life."

Although he has pushed an alternative energy strategy at home in Minnesota for several years, Pawlenty, in his national rollout, broadened his focus to "cleaner energy," to include coal and petroleum producing states.

"We want to recognize traditional energy states that have concerns," Pawlenty said, nodding across the room to Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer and Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter. Cleaner, more efficient ways to burn fossil fuels, such as coal gasification, he said, should be part of the nation's energy arsenal right along with ethanol, wind, biodiesel and others. (Excerpt from Trib article)

And lest we all forget what a truly class-act this Conservative leader is.

"He's a bridge-builder, and, at his core, a decent human being," said Democratic Michigan Gov. Jennifer Gran- holm, after attending a sunrise prayer service on Sunday where Pawlenty read from the Old Testament's Isaiah. Discussion among a group as diverse as the governors "can devolve into partisan rhetoric," she said, "but he's really stayed focused more on policy than politics." (Excerpt from Trib Article, and yeah, she's Canadian).

The point here is clear.

MN has a Governor, and the GOP has a leader, who is miles ahead of the pack when looking at national and energy security issues. And while he stands out as a truly Conservative leader, the other side recognizes Governor Pawlenty as a class act, a model of ethics and a visionary leader.

Thanks Gov.

Keep fighting.

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