Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Overwhelming majorities approve of Pawlenty's handling bridge tragedy

Governor Pawlenty has proven himself to be a strong reformer and a visionary leader during his tenure as Governor.

A new poll conducted by SurveyUSA and KSTP shows that Minnesotans overwhelmingly approve of the way Governor Pawlenty is handling the current tragedy surrounding the collapse of the I-35W bridge just north of Minneapolis.

The survey shows that 75 percent of all Minnesotans, and even 70 percent of self identified Democrats approve of the way Governor Pawlenty is handling this disaster.

(Click here for a pdf with the full results of the poll)


Jason said...

So that's, what? 25% who disapprove simply because he's a Republican? Probably.

Anonymous said...

Um, approving of how he handled the mess and holding him blameless for CREATING said mess are vastly different things.

If they wanted an interesting poll, they should have asked who deserved the blame: The democrats who have tried to fund transportation for years, or the republicans who have stood in the way and had to watch a dozen people die before understanding that sometimes you have to use tax dollars to pay for things that aren't sexy.

Anonymous said...

Let me rephrase the previous poll question as to who is "to blame" for the bridge collapsing: Democrats who insist on spending billions on worthless social spending or Republicans who have tried to responsibly direct more funding into infrastructure funding.

See, I can play that game, too. It's fun.

Anonymous said...

Really? Trying to direct more funding to infrastructure includes vetoing transportation bills?

Things are really changing in politics. Back when I learned about the system, rejecting needed funding for something was a primary indicator that you were opposed to it.

Does this also mean that Republicans now support gay marriage?

I am so confused....

Anonymous said...

Sorry - that dog won't hunt. Liberals have wasted billions of dollars on social programs that have actually worsed the condition of those the programs were purportedly meant to help. Had liberals not insisted on wasting money on programs with absolutely no accountability, such money could have been directed toward worthwhile ends - and not created a permanent welfare class.

But, since the liberals are interested only in political power, maybe they figure they got what they paid for - even if some people have to die for them to get it. Like Stalin and Mao, I'm sure they have no problem with that.

Anonymous said...

How does this wash the blood from the Governor's hands?

Many reports over the years questioned the stability of this bridge, and yet rather than do what he was elected to do, which is lead, he bought votes with his no new taxes mantra.

Now that it has bitten him quite severely in the ass, republicans are apparently trying to deflect the criticism by blaming education and the Shubert theater for the bridge's collapse.

If you really think voters are this stupid, I encourage you to keep it up. Tim Pawlenty is rapidly becoming Minnesota's John McCain.

Anonymous said...

Keep trying. Don't give up. Blaming someone for a bridge collapsing isn't working yet but just close your eyes (although they apparently already are) and hope real, real hard.

(You've obviously been reading your Goebbels texts, though, so I'm giving you credit anyway.)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous is the perfect example of how Democrats view the world. He states that the bridge collapse has "bitten [Pawlenty] quite severely in the ass." Only the mind of a liberal thinks of tragedies in these political terms. It is a mindset that is patently repellant to the average, normal Minnesotan. It's this type of aberrant thinking that makes it so hard for liberals to understand normal people or to connect with voters.

Anonymous, keep trying to fix the blame on Governor Pawlenty. Please, please, please. Let me know if there is any way I can help you be the mouthpiece in the effort to do so. It will help Minnesotans understand the warped nature of liberal thinking.

If all else fails, scream at the top of your lungs.