Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Poll: Pawlenty approval rating at new high

The Minneapolis Star Tribune has picked up on the escalating approval ratings of Governor Pawlenty in the wake of his steadfast and bold leadership pertaining to the tragic I-35 bridge collapse two weeks ago today.

In the wake of the Minneapolis bridge collapse, Gov. Tim Pawlenty’s approval rating has climbed to its highest level recorded during his tenure in office, a new poll shows. (excerpted from article)

It seems apparent to me that these high approval ratings are a direct result of Governor Pawlenty making it clear that he is going to rise above politics and bureaucratic red tape so that we can get this bridge build and reopen this important artery as soon as possible.

Perhaps just as important has been his focus on prioritizing spending on those pieces of this puzzle that the people of Minnesota really agree with (our real transportation infrastructure of roads and bridges) and away from feel good projects and peripheral spending that will not move traffic.

This sort of leadership, and a demand that the taxpayer's money be spent wisely, and with accountability has been the hallmark of Governor Pawlenty's tenure in office.

Which brings us back to the numbers, and why his approval ratings are so high.

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