Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Pawlenty Update

I received the email update below just a few moments ago.

Just a few personal observations.

Much has been written and said about special sessions and funding our roads. Here on Party of Pawlenty, we have discussed Governor Pawlenty's leadership on this issue, and his focus on making a priority getting the bridge built efficiently, safely and quickly.

The email below "speaks" for itself, but it is Minnesotans can proud that the Governor is prepared to cut through the red-tape to get this bridge built and refocus our efforts on actually funding transportation (a truly core function of state government).

And if we can all get an income tax cut in order to target revenue towards roads and bridges as the Governor has outlined, all the better.

It is nice to see a governor focused on the right priorities.

Dear Friends,

As you may have read over the weekend, Governor Pawlenty has been working with legislative leaders from both parties to discuss a possible special session to deal with transportation safety issues.

I wanted to share an update with you on some of Governor Pawlenty's priorities for a possible special session.

Governor Pawlenty has outlined his preferences for a special session, as reported by the St. Cloud Times, including:
  • A dedicated account to finance bridge inspections, repairs, improvements and replacements
  • Inclusion of a trunk highway bonding plan to accelerate priority road projects around the state
  • Dedication of the current sales tax on leased vehicles to roads and transit
  • A bonding bill that focuses mainly on road and bridge projects
  • Statutory changes allowing greater authority for highway and freeway lane additions funded through tolls
  • Expedited authority to cut through red tape relating to road and bridge inspection and improvement

Also, you may have read that the Governor has put a possible gas tax increase on the table. What had not been reported until Saturday's St. Cloud Times is that the Governor has made it clear to legislative leaders that he would like to see this gas tax increase as only temporary and offset by an income tax cut.

I hope you will stay tuned to this important story as it develops and support our efforts to deal with infrastructure safety in a fiscally responsible way.


Michael Krueger

Political Director

www.TimPawlenty.com | info@TimPawlenty.com | (651) 905-0555

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